This is a checklist for all of you who are out on the hills/mountains for more than 3hours with the club. That would be anyone taking part in a B, B+, A or A+ walks.

What to wear:

  • Light leggings or walking trousers
  • Jeans and cotton type tracksuit bottoms are not suited to a hike as they soak in water becoming very heavy, difficult to move in and keep the wearer cold which is dangerous. They also take ages to dry. Walking trousers have a certain amount of water resistance and are quick drying.
  • Layer up with 2 light tops – breathable base layers are best – again no cotton because once it gets wet it stays wet. (You should have a warmer layer in the bag)
  • Start the walk feeling a little cool – you will soon warm up!
  • Boot socks (these are thicker than normal socks and offer better protection against blisters)
  • Good walking boots (wellies, golf shoes or runners not acceptable)
  • Bear in mind that we are walking mostly in the mountains and much of the time on boggy rough ground or through heather so you must have appropriate hiking boots. A twisted ankle can ruin the day for the whole group.

Must Haves

  • Backpack (the type that is worn on both shoulders)
  • Rain gear (waterproof pants and jacket)
  • Warm light fleece
  • Pair of gloves and a warm hat (good idea to have spares)
  • Blister plasters and spare socks
  • Sun cream and sun hat (if needed)
  • Any personal medication
  • Lunch (a sandwich and something else, bar of chocolate, fruit, nuts). A warm drink is important in winter. Include some emergency rations in case the day takes longer than expected.
  • 1 to 2 litres of water (at least 2lts of water will be needed for a 6hrs day in summer)

Other stuff that might make your day more enjoyable

  • Bag liner (if your packpack does not have a waterproof outer bag)
  • Gaiters (if the walk is likely to be boggy / mucky)
  • Emergency rations