Blackrock Hillwalking Club

About us

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Welcome to the Blackrock Hillwalking Club.

Our motto is ‘Competence and Independence on the Hills and Mountains’

We are based in and around Blackrock, Cork. We are an active club of 100+ members. We walk just about every weekend in the hills and mountains of Munster. We also go further afield for weekends, and trips abroad. Walks are graded so you know what you are letting yourself in for. The club was founded over 15 years ago and has about 100 members currently. The club was founded in June 2002.

The committee meets monthly and members should raise any topics of interest / concern to committee members on walks / outings or directly via

The current Committee are

  • Chairperson : Nick Hughes
  • Secretary : Donal O Leary
  • Treasurer : Frances Manning
  • Training Officer Evan Roberts
  • Safety Officer: Alan Dowling
  • Environmental Officer: Frances Pinfield
  • Data Protection Officer : Fiona Herley / Donna Peyton


B walks will generally be 4-6 hours, usually in the mountains, usually on rough open ground.

C walks are generally about 4 hours, and usually on tracks or paths.


As a club we encourage carpooling. There are a number of advantages to carpooling.

For environmental reasons less cars means less fuel and less pollution. Also space for car parking can be a challenge on some walks – we don’t want to be blocking gates or tracks that are in use by locals.

If you are interested in car-pooling please let the walk leader know if you are looking or offering. The walk leader can often be helpful in putting people in touch with each other but depending on the walk and who else is going, you will need to be prepared to have your own transport.

We recommend a contribution of €10 to the driver for any of our regular weekend walks.  


We are affiliated to Mountaineering Ireland. Membership of the club includes membership of Mountaineering Ireland.

We subscribe to the Leave no Trace organization


You can get in touch with us by contacting

Or send a message to the Club:

Or reach out to us on Facebook

New members are always welcome.